18 May 2013

Celebrity of the week,LINDA IKEJI

Helo ,hw is your day going ?and welcome to my first edition of celebrities review ,today I will be sharing with you about a young dynamic Nigeria lady ,a blogger, motivator , activists, an elegant of beauty ,a modeler and a mentor to so many Nigeria youths without me an exception. she is goes by the name of linda ikej yes, linda ikej the creator of linda ikeji blog , the most popular blog in Nigeria and across the globe, also she is the president and C.E.O of blackdove communication ,which is into recruiting young ladies of achieving their dreams in the modeling world. Miss linda was born in the year 1981, September 19 ,she is from imo state in Nigeria a graduate of English language from the university of lagos ,linda started her journey into Forbes in the year 1998 when started modeling for different and various companies ,that was before she even gain admission into the university ,that show s, she is a lady that has foresight of what her future could be ,she later quit modeling in the year 2005 ,a year after her graduation from school she kick start her own private company in the 2004 immediately after her graduation from the university the black dove communication which is into recruiting models ,training models, and getting jobs for models ,thou she not running that anymore ,Like every other young girl growing up, linda has a dream of becoming a journalist ,at 10years of age she has already develop the art of writing fictions stories in note books ,she really love watching newscasters ,people doing interviews ,these are people linda looked up to when growing up .her passion for journalism aid in her decision to choose mass communication has a course of study at the university ,and like they say man proposes and God disposes she was not given her choice of study rather she was offered to study English language at the university of lagos .she took to blogging in the year 2007 thou she never had any clew how blogging is not until she came across www. bellanaija blogspot.com now at (www.bellanaija.com). Linda as an activist a human right fighter she not scared to fight and speak out on her , or anybody rights when they are been deprived of it ,she has stood tall in many rape cases of young female Nigerians wrote articles and a lot of campaign to put a stop to rape. Linda success can be attributed to her dedication , hard work, passion ,her foresight of what she want in life, also her beauty have contributed immensely to her success .linda , keep up the good work, we Nigeria youth are admiring your work and beauty keep up the good work once more .EXPECTING YOUR I V THESE YEAR O….hit up with linda on her blog at www.lindaikeji .blospot.com . have a funky weekends ahead

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