22 May 2013

the scary world of illuminati,and their various symbols.

The word Illuminati is no longer a strange word among people anymore, even to those who knew noting about entertainment, politics ,music or about been famous. Illuminati was founded in the year 1776 the same year America got their independent ,by a German named Adam weishapt in the German city of Bavaria ,in my research I was able to find out that the cult group started with just 5 elite foundation members .Illuminati is believe to be a secret society responsible for the development of the cultural operating system behind every decisions. OBJECTIVE AND AIM OF ILLUMINATI Illuminati amis and objective is simply to take of over the world, they purposely here to destroy souls of human race.they are to take control of the world,illuminati is belived to controlled by the creature from the outer space , and they are believed to be in control of every aspect of life ,ranging from government, entertainment culture and finances. It is believe that successful entrepreneurs,musicians, actors,politicians and other high ranking social placeholders make up d group ,illuminati tends to take away the freedom of d individual to define their own place in d world without being subject to mass mind control by defining the news we are expose to listen to which is fully packed with subliminal messages,and also product we do purchase ,clothes,shoes even inclusive the chemical in the water we drink and many more.. THOSE LIVING IN THE WORLD OF ILLUMINATI In recent time many musicians are attributed to be a member of illuminati ,with the likes of JAY-Z and beyonce,who are the current president and first lady of illuminati respectively.many below are th list of illuminati member 1. Jay-z 2. Beyonce\ 3. Celiondion 4. Britney spear 5. Rita ora 6. Chris brown 7. Late Michael Jackson 8. late aliyah 9. lady gaga 10. dbanji 11. wizkid 12. p-diddy 13. wiz khlifa 14. lil wayne 15. bird man 16. pari hiltion,and also the lengriy 2pac sakur,who claimed in one of his lyrics.( sellin ma soul for material wish ,fast cars , fast house,and living in the fast life. This shows that 2pac was a member before he was killed.) some other politician as well 1. George bush 2. Brack obama Some companies as over the years attributed to be an illuminati own industry.below are the names of companies invoke in illuminati APPLE.. the logo of the company inscribed one of the illuminati symbol ,which is belived to a mockery of be a mockery of concept of the forbidden fruit eaten by Adam and eve. AOL……. the logo features the pyramid with the all seeing eye of the devil at the center . BELOW ARE THE SYMBOLS TO IDENTIFY AN ILLUMINAT. And it is believe that those people involved in cult group don’t live beyond 55 years of age ..wages of sin is death,buh what will be the wage or judgment of the lord for those in the group?

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