4 May 2013

Girl Caught Stealing At Shoprite Mall In Lagos, Unclothed and Iron Rod Inserted In Her Private Area

Scientists history of evolutionary called human beings, who claimed to be in the image of Most High God, ‘higher’ animals, but while some knowledgeable people are proving them wrong because some human beings are taking the form of ‘lower’ animals. A lady was caught stealing at Shoprite Mall in Lagos. What followed after she was caught is something that has now become commonplace. She was lynched, strípped unclad, while a bunch of horny b**tards proceeded to sexually manhandle her. Most of us are just getting tired of ‘these men’, these higher animals who have decided to put the law into their own hands. These same men are the thieves at night, loitering around shopping centres to smartly snatch your phones. These men are the ones who will catch a thief first because they are experts in the game and God help her if she is a female. The lady in question was caught stealing, so? What happened to our Police Stations? Some of us are tired of talking. ALUU is everywhere. These s*x hungry looking men will do anything to molest a young lady at the slightest próvocation. They even went to the extent of inserting an iron rod into her private part. How barbaric? Is that the punishment for stealing?

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