4 May 2013

Must Read For The Ladies!!! 10 Signs He’s Preparing You For Rituals

From the creator of the hugely popular, “10 Signs You’re Sleeping With A Mammy Water” comes another blockbuster; this one is for the ladies. Read on to discover if you’re being prepared for a “special purpose” 1, You show no affection of any sort to each other. No hugging, no holding hands, no saying “I love you”, nothing. 2, The first time he took you to his friends, they asked “Is that her?” And he said “Yes”. Since then they’ve been giving you dubious looks but as far as you’re concerned, it’s because you’re such a hot babe. 3, You disrespect him in public and even slap him sometimes yet all he says is “I’m sorry baby” 4, You flirt with other men in his presence and he knows for a fact that you’re cheating on him but he doesn’t care. 5, The few times you try to cook for him, he shouts at you and asks: “Do you want to spoil the merchandise”?

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